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January 13th , 2015
The "Best Of 2014" page, as compiled by the staff of Pic A Flic is now up.
Look upon it and despair!!

January 6th , 201
Happy New year!
For me, 2014 was about ten miles better than 2013 but I've heard from many friends that, for them, that was not the case.
If you are in the latter camp I am hoping for a better time ahead.
I'll settle for more for the same...

The best of 2014 lists are being compiled and I will sort them and have the new "Best Of" page up within a week, I'm sure.
(Click the link to get a last look before the new page pops up in the next few days)

When I was preparing my "Best Of The Year" piece for a CFAX interview I did at the end of December, I went over what I'd written last year and noticed that I was only able to come up with 7 films I truly loved in 2013.
This year was a lot easier in that respect.
When it started I though this was going to be one of the best years for film in the last decade.
That didn't pan out, and as the year came to a close I was *slightly* struggling to fill the last spot on my top 10.
I managed.
Regardless of the lack of truly great films in the second half of the year I still saw some remarkable stuff and as I have said hundred and sixty times here on this blog thingy, Her is one of the best films fo the last 15 years!

You know what was really good but not "great"? Boyhood.
I hate to say it, especially knowing all the work that went into the picture: with regards to that--the vision and effort that everyone involved in the movie poured into this thing--it is an incredible achievement.
Also, the amount of friends I have who were telling me that I was going to love this movie--that it has everything I look for--it's tough to not be able to go back to them and tell them how right they were.
Now, don't get me wrong, this is an excellent film. Well worth your time. It's just that, for me personally, it never fully connected.
See, I never cried once during the whole thing and I am the kind of person who cries (twice!) while reading the review of a Kate Bush concert in Mojo Magazine.

Gone Girl comes out next week. It has made more Best Of The Year critics lists than I would have ever thought possible. I read the book and can't see how it can ever be that good (regardless of Fincher's involvement) but am more than willing to give it a try. (because of Fincher's involvement)

More Video stores closed in 2014.
We lost Yo! Video in Oak Bay. As well as Oak Bay Video (ditto) and Sooke Video To Go in...uh, Sooke.

The CBC did a godawful story about the state of the video rental industry using the closing of a store in Vancouver called Champain Video to demonstrate the effects of the righteous and inevitable hammer of consumer's love of convenience. The host's (Shane Foxman) smirking coverage of this store's throwing in the towel sickened me. To see a so-called liberal news outlet (on an "Arts" related segment no less) take, what appeared to me at times, glee in this owner's failure was troubling to say the least.
These are the times we live in.

At one point our sister store (that's the way I see them, anyhow) Black Dog Video on Cambie street was interviewed. The owner was asked--again, with exasperated glee--"Who is going to video stores anyway???!"
He explained that his customers were possibly resistant to new technology. Some also were looking for things they weren't finding online. He then said while some people go to big chain grocery stores and buy Wunderbread, others seek out local bakeries where a more "artisanal" product is produced and he likened his customers to that type.
Shane Foxman stood there the whole time, seemingly unable to comprehend these things, all the while wearing a smiled that seemed to say, "I hear you talking, but you are nuts!"
He finishes the story by stating that while stores like Champain Video and Black Dog can offer a level of customer service that Netflix cannot, convenience will always trump everything.


The personality of neighbourhoods becomes more homogenized everyday as rents increase to a point where only franchises are able to pay them. When the process is complete and his city stands as a drab shadow of its former self Shane Foxman will do a story asking, "What happened to Vancouver??!"
You did.
While you were chewing on your Wunderbread marvelling at the convenience of it all.

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