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November 3rd, 2015
The first week of November has a number of Movies and TV shows that have been hotly anticipated by customers and me, even. Mrs Brown's Boys is one of those titles I got asked for so much over the last 4 years that I was sick of it before I'd ever even seen a frame of the thing. Well, here it is--and not only the first season but the whole freakin' series all at once!
Dig in, Brit-o-philes!

Myself, I was so eager to see The End of The Tour but it didn't arrive until late Monday afternoon. It stars as the late author David Foster Wallace as he tours the US promoting his career-defining book Infinite Jest. portrays Rolling Stone
journalist David Lipsky who was tasked with getting an interview from the writer for a large article and the two spent several days together in a car travelling from reading to reading talking about not only Wallace's life but the meaning of life.
This movie has been singled out as the moment Segel arrives as a fully formed actor, not just a charming comedic gentle lump he usually plays.
92% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

I have to draw attention to the documentary mini-series I just finished watching.
The Jinx: The LIfe And Deaths Of Robert Durst was produced for HBO by director (The documentary "Capturing the Friedmans" and the film " All Good Things") and it tells the story of Robert Durst who is arrested at the beginning of the piece in relation to a murder in the low-rent housing complex he lives at in Galveston, Texas. As the police dig in to the case they find out that not only is Durst the eldest son of one of the richest real estate magnets in New York, he was also under investigation for his complicity in the disappearance 20 years before of his wife Kathy. The body was never found and he never stood trial.
This is a real slow burn and it is an amazing tale of foiled investigations, of the power and influence of money in the justice system and like The Thin Blue Line is an example of a case where filmmakers are seemingly more adept at building a case than the authorities.
The last episode ranks as one of the most tense pieces of film I've ever watched.

Today there was a huge announcement in the entertainment industry: in 2016 Star Trek will be returning in a completely new series. However, it will only be available on CBS' streaming service, "CBS Access".
So you have to get a subscription to that service to see this, arguably one of the biggest tickets in all of the sci-fi/fantasy realm.
Disappointed in the further fracturing of the landscape I was suddenly reminded of a story Kent relayed to me this past week: a customer was in looking for a film. He hadn't been in the store in a long time but we had something he hadn't been able to find on Netflix or online...
As Kent was helping the customer, exasperated at all the searching he'd had to do asked out loud, "Why isn't there one place that has all the shows and movies gathered together!!??"
After a pause, Kent--and the people waiting in line behind the customer--said, "You're standing in it!"

Yes, that used to be even more true than it is today but a video store is still the best be for getting the wide array of titles you want in one location.
Maybe we'll see him back here sooner rather than later.
In the meantime, I thank you my regulars, my loyals. Let's keep doing this.

Thanks for reading,

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