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May 3rd, 2015

My mom is sick.
She's been in the hospital for about a month now.
I relay this information, not for sympathy though that is appreciated, but to give you an idea why I seem to have so little time to watch movies lately.
I'm out of the loop, or almost out of it. I'm hanging onto the edge of the loop by one spasming hand.
I've seen two new movies in the last month. Two. It's ridiculous.
Here's what's even more ridiculous: the tow movies I've managed to scrape the time together to watch were The Babadook (which was actually pretty good. Creepy and small with beautiful set design) and--get this--Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Fifty Shades finished the other night and my wife and I were dumbfounded that this was what I had set aside time to look at. We laughed through most of it, which was fun for the two of us as some levity is definitely needed around Chez Nesbitt, but we were also a little mad that it was so slight. So milk-soft especially seeing as it's a film dealing with a young lady's emerging sexuality with a dominant/submissive relationship as the catalyst. Potentially hot stuff. Maybe.
Not so. This movie is so lightweight it's an insult to the S&M community--for the record, I care not for that arena of adult fun.
I kept saying "BOR-RING!" like Homer Simpson as the sex scenes played out. Sad state of affairs.

Skip it and watch the 2002 film Secretary starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader. It is fun, beautifully shot and while, ultimately less explicit than Fifty Shades of Grey, it's about 50 shades hotter! Psychologically more challenging with flesh-and-blood characters who don't appear to simply be cardboard cutouts based on the protagonists from the Twilight series.

I got nothing else.
Well, I am excited about the New Mad Max film. That comes out in theatres on May 15th but you guys don't care about that do you? You're too sophisticated for such sandy-leather-chaps-clap-trap.

Oh yeah--Leviathan comes out this month. Oscar nominated for best Foreign film this past year, you should probably watch that. It's supposed to be great.
I'll try too. Hopefully The Cobbler with Adam Sandler won't get in the way.

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