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November 4th , 2014
October was good. I saw a couple of things that were very good and all of them were pretty different.

I think I already went on about the Tom Cruise sci-fi movie Edge of Tomorrow back in August. Well, it came out in October and it was still a good time second run through. My wife even liked it.
Again, it was nothing new but the writing and direction were so tight that the crew who made this film managed to make some thing old new again.
Worth a look if you have any kind of tolerance for sci-fi/action pictures.

The next thing was a movie called Begin Again. I talked this one up in the weekly email that announces what's coming out for that particular week--if you haven't signed up for that yet, you might want to. I think it's a very useful tool for movie lovers.

Begin Again was written and directed by John Carney who brought you the film Once from 2006. This movie also deals with the theme music as a redemptive and magnetic force that can draw two people together in a tight bond. It's pretty cliched, actually, and it has a lot of forced moments that are straining as hard as they can to convince you of the power of music--which was done so simply and effectively in Once.
Once is a better movie, no doubt, but I like Begin Again more.
One of the reasons is that the guy who wrote some of the most important original music for the film is an artist named Gregg Alexander. I feel an almost spiritual connection to this man's work. You might know him because he penned on of the biggest hits of the 1990s--You Get What You Give by his band, The New Radicals.
After selling over a million copies of their debut record, Alexander quit the music game and began writing music under assumed names for other artists and no one heard much else from him in the last 14 years.
He recently did an interview--his first in all that time--to promote the Begin Again and his praise of the script and it's spirit really moved me and got me interested in watching.
He's an interesting guy with a very unique take on culture and he's one of the few recording artists to place critiques of said culture into his music and get it played on the radio.
Here's a link to the article. Please take a look. Maybe it'll make you want to take a chance on this un cynical movie too:

Lastly I (finally) saw the documentary called Jodorowsky's Dune. It's been getting critical raves since it hit festivals last year and it came to Pic A Fllic on DVD and Blu-ray while I was on holiday in July.
So I got some friends together last week to watch it. (it was the "So Bad It's Great" movie group, actually but this time we were actually watching something artistic and decent!)
If you enjoyed Tim's Vermeer, I think this is just as good a portrait of one man's obsession with the completion of an art project. It may not be quite as...meticulously satisfying as Tim's Vermeer but I felt it had a whole bunch of arty weirdness that made it more fun, ultimately.
It an extraordinary story of how Alejandro Jodorowsky, hot off directing the extremely challenging and hugely successful foreign film, The Holy Mountain, was offered basically as much money as he needed to do any project he wanted. He chose the science fiction best seller written by Frank Herbert, Dune.
He'd never even read it but a friend told him it was brilliant so he figured it must be!
The efforts that went into pre-production of this movie were unbelievable. The costs (mental/financial/psychological) were unfathomable. It's amazing to see the director, now in his 80s, still driven, passionate and haunted by this movie that was eventually handed off to David Lynch who failed miserably.
All signs point to the fact that Dune, Jodowrowsky's version, could have been Star Wars if only a couple more planets had aligned.
Crazy and fascinating stuff.

What about November? Well, I am excited to see Jersey Boys (the story of Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons directed by Clint Eastwood) but I am sure it won't have the heart that the flawed Begin Again had.
It's music movie though--I have to watch it!

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